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Wildlife Area and Refuge Update.

Look for updates on refuge conditions in the fall.

Llano Seco Unit of the Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area

Howard Slough Unit

Little Dry Creek Unit

Sacramento Nation Wildlife Refuge

Delevan Nation Wildlife Refuge

Colusa Nation Wildlife Refuge

Sutter National Wildlife Refuge

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area  

The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

Changes to Check Station Operations for 2011/2012 Season

Beginning with the 2011/2012 waterfowl season, hunters will be required
to purchase any needed season passes and stamps in advance from DFG
license agents or license sales offices.

The DFG’s new Automated License Data System (ALDS) replaces the
current paper-based licensing system. Under ALDS, licenses, stamps,
permits, and passes will be printed instantly, on generic license stock, using point of sale equipment at DFG license sales offices and at approximately
1,400 license agent locations throughout the State and in bordering states.

It is not feasible to have ALDS terminals installed at check stations.
The ALDS will give every DFG license agent the ability to sell all hunting
license items, including these items. Additionally, for the 2011/2012
hunting season, licenses, stamps and passes, will be available for purchase
online from the DFG website at

We advise hunters to pre-purchase all licenses, stamps, permits, two-day
and season passes, before arriving at the Hunter Check Stations next
season (2011/2012).

Advisory Committee Recommends One-week Delay on Public Areas in Sac Valley

On Tuesday, the Sacramento Valley Waterfowl Advisory Committee recommended a one week delay for opening public hunting at Sacramento, Delevan, Sutter and Colusa National Wildlife Refuges, as well as Gray Lodge, Upper Butte Basin (Little Dry Creek, Howard Slough and Llano Seco) and Yolo State Wildlife Areas.  Subject to approval of the Director of the Department of Fish and Game (DFG), hunting on those public areas will likely begin Saturday, October 29.
Due to both a late planting season and unseasonably cool summer, the Committee, which is composed of the California Rice Commission, local farmers, the Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, expects that less than 50% of the Sacramento Valley rice crop will be harvested by October 22 (opening day for the Balance of the State Zone).  The one week delay in hunting is intended to help keep waterfowl out of unharvested rice fields and reduce crop losses.
Many of the Sacramento Valley refuges and wildlife areas were originally purchased with federal Lea Act monies - funds which were specifically intended to address waterfowl depredation issues.  Portions of these public lands were also purchased with Duck Stamp dollars, while other hunter-generated dollars (e.g. federal Pittman-Robertson Act monies) provide important operation and maintenance funding. 
Hunting delays on Sacramento Valley public areas - some several weeks long - were common from 1950s through the 1970s.  However, in the last 25 years there have only been three years in which a delay was mandated due to crop depredation concerns.

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) must delay opening day of waterfowl season on Type-A state and federal hunting areas in the Sacramento Valley. Due to a delayed rice harvest, opening day will be Oct. 29, one week later than the rest of the Balance of State Zone